July 25th, 2019

Tonopah Westercon

Missing Cooler

Yesterday, I noticed that the can cooler with the Tonopah logo on it that I had with me at SpikeCon seems to have gone astray. Mind you, with all of the stuff we were carting around with us, it's amazing that we don't lose even more things, and it's also possible that the "stubby cooler" will turn up eventually. Moreover, I can just order another one from Zazzle if I want it. Still, it's annoying to mislay useful stuff like that. I got a number of admiring observations from it while I was using it to hold cans of soda at the Tonopah bid table and the Site Selection desk.

Note: I don't consider it electioneering for the representatives of the bids who sit at site selection and help run it under the supervision of someone from the administering convention to wear or carry things from their bids. Indeed, I think it makes it better if the bid reps are obviously identified. People from the administering convention should, in contrast, either wear no bid paraphernalia or an equal amount of all bids' promotional material, such as (for example) wearing ribbons or stickers from both bids. However, I think that there should be nothing else from bids other than the bid representatives' personal effects at site selection. For example, in 1990, on behalf of the San Francisco in '93 Worldcon bid, I objected to imprinted pens from the Hawaii in '93 write-in bid being strewn about the site selection desk for the use of voters, and the pens were duly banished.