July 26th, 2019


Take the Long Way Home

Yesterday after work, Lisa and I went in to Reno to look for a replacement part for the kitchen sink. Resco, where we bought the material originally, did not have that part in stock and so we put in an order for it. We then went over to the Peppermill for dinner before going to Winco for groceries. I do wish that I'd checked the traffic conditions before we left for home because I would have saved us a lot of time had I done so.

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Had we realized while at Winco that there was the clog along I-80, we could have left straight from there as the map shows, and probably would have beaten a notional vehicle leaving from the same spot heading for home via the shorter route. However, we instead got clear to Lockwood, then had to go back to Pyramid Way in Sparks before turning north. There's a chance that it would have been marginally faster to stick with the coagulated traffic on I-80, but it would have been more nerve-rattling. Why can't people slow down when it rains?

Perhaps I'd better make a habit of checking I-80 traffic before leaving Reno/Sparks for home. Once you're beyond Sparks, there aren't many alternative routes.