August 2nd, 2019

Cleancut Kevin

Sacramento Time

My sister's birthday is this weekend, so today, as soon as I could get my work cleaned up (but not nearly as early as I had hoped), I packed up and headed for Sacramento, where I'm staying tonight and tomorrow and taking Kelli out for lunch (actually mid-day tea). This was not an ideal time for me to be leaving, because on my normal work-day schedule, I found myself driving at the time of day when I typically want to lie down and take a nap for a couple of hours. There was nothing for it but to keep stopping and buying coffee or cola to keep me moving along, and resting at each of the three stops I made (Reno, Truckee, and Nyack -- the latter has a nice large parking lot with shade, and had I been driving the Rolling Stone, I would have probably tried to take that nap).

Fortunately for me, I made it through Reno before their heavy traffic started, and the Sacramento commute (and getaway) traffic was going the opposite direction to me. I got to the Crowne Plaza and checked in. I've stayed here often enough now that the front-desk people remember me, even when checking me in during a fairly busy time as there seems to be an event happening here with lots of family groups checking in. Heading up to my room, I found that I'd hit the upgrade jackpot.

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I got unpacked, walked down to the Panda Express on the corner and bought dinner and brought it back to the room. (I'd purchased beverages on the way to the hotel, and they were in the 'fridge.) I had dinner, called Lisa (she decided to not come on this trip on account of we're about to head off for three weeks travel starting next weekend already), then put on my swim trunks and went down to the hot tub and soaked for a while. Such luxury. I won't have time for that kind of relaxation starting next weekend.

Stays at places like this Crowne Plaza have earned me enough IHG points that my stays in Dublin and Belfast are on points. I just wish IHG could crack the Iceland market.