August 14th, 2019

Kevin and Lisa

Worldcon 2019 Day -1: Getting Acclimated

We got a decent night's sleep last night without having dropped into bed too awfully early. I woke up on my own about 6:30 AM, which is pretty good. We will have to be up early every day from Friday onward because as part of the Business Meeting team we need to be at the Gibson Hotel an hour before the Business Meeting to work on set up.

We have grumbled about our hotel room, but at least it does include breakfast. (Points stays at other IHG hotels do not include breakfast.) We took advantage of that and then set off to try and find our way around Dublin a bit more.

We took the Luas (tram/light rail) down to the Gibson Hotel so we could make sure we knew where it was. We wanted to go look at the room where the Business Meeting is happening, but the space was full of workers working on set-up, so we went away.

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This afternoon we went for a further wander, taking the Luas to St. Stephen's Green and taking a walk through the extensive park there.

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Riding back downtown, we thought we'd head back to the Convention Center to scare up some dinner companions. As we were coming up on Mayor Square, we saw Paul Dormer walking the other way, and hopped off the tram, flagged him down, and we then went to dinner at the Harbormaster Restaurant and then walked back with Paul to his hotel to work off the meal. After that, it was getting late, so we picked up a few things from a grocery store on the way back, but also bought half a dozen plain but fresh-made donuts from a stand on the way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow the convention starts for real, but my first commitment is not until 16:00 (the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meeting). Tomorrow evening, I'll be part of the Hugo Awards Web Site team doing text-only coverage of the Opening Ceremony/Retro-Hugo Awards Ceremony from 20:00 (Irish Summer Time). This is sort of a warm up for our planned coverage of the main Hugo Award Ceremony this Sunday night.

We did not do a bunch of touristing of Dublin, but we looked around and got a lot of walking done, so we're pretty happy. Now we have a Worldcon to help run.

Update, August 15 0700: The rest of the photos we took yesterday when we were out finally uploaded (as I mentioned, the internet in the hotel is very slow), so I've updated yesterday's post with appropriate illustrations.