August 18th, 2019

Business Meeting

Worldcon 2019 Day 4: Tick Six

Today was the Second Main WSFS Business Meeting, including Worldcon Site Selection. The unopposed DC in 2021 bid won handily. We took a 30-minute break for the Worldcon Chairs' Photo after Site Selection business with dire threats of what would happen to me if we ran overtime. I was very pleased that everyone chipped in, volunteered, didn't act dumb, and in 25 minutes managed to complete everything and be ready to go.

We then returned to order and started going through the remaining items on the agenda. I think it's possible if that we'd had an extra hour, we might have finished everything, including two extra items that were allowed into consideration, but in the end, there were two items left over, and we'll need to have a (I hope brief) Monday Business Meeting.

One of the extra items was the consideration of a new standing rule, and that led to me reaching a new WSFS "career goal." Chairperson Jesi Lipp recused themselves from this item, and put me in the Chair. I presided over the consideration of the rule, and that means that I now have been the presiding officer of the WSFS Business Meeting in six countries: Scotland, USA, Canada, Japan, Finland, and now Ireland. To my knowledge, nobody else has chaired in more than two countries.

After the meeting, Lisa and I went back to the hotel, had lunch at Beshoff's Fish & Chips again, and then, because I simply didn't have time to go walking around to get to the place where I can get fast internet, we took a taxi from the hotel to the Convention Centre Dublin, dropped her off there, then I went off and communed with computers uploading the nine segments of today's meeting.

I'd changed into my business suit at the hotel because I knew I'd have to go straight to the CCD for the Hugo Award coverage. I got there a little later than I wanted, but with enough time to get set up. Cheryl was already there, and Susan de Guardiola had been by our little tech nest earlier to drop her things while she went to the Hugo Finalists Reception to take photos.

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Unlike Thursday night's Retro-Hugo coverage, which was like pulling teeth due to the poor internet, we had a usable connection thanks to Rick Kovalcik who provided us with a little bit more bandwidth. It was enough so that we could to the live blog, with me doing the main "play by play" with the help of Susan de Guardiola, who also posted photos from the reception, while Cheryl Morgan moderated and participated in the separate web chat.

There were over 540 people watching our coverage at peak. Again, ours was not the live video stream, which was separate and was provided by Dublin 2019.

After we signed off from this year's coverage and cleared out of our booth, Cheryl and I made our way out of the CCD and due to the late hour, took a taxi back to her flat so that we could jointly work on the changes to the Hugo Awards web site. Cheryl wrote the announcement for the web site while I updated the static 2019 page. There's still work we have to do, but it was after 1 AM and both of us needed sleep, so I said good night and started walking back to my hotel.

It's not an awfully long walk to my hotel, but my feet are falling off after multiple days of 20K steps, and I found a taxi looking for a fare and spent six euros to get me back to bed sooner.

There's more about which I could write, but with a Monday business meeting, I am only going to get three hours of sleep tonight.