August 28th, 2019

Kevin and Lisa

Laid Up in Reykjavik

Our original tentative plans included a couple of short excursions within Reykjavik; however, Lisa being so sick pretty much scuppered that. The hotel's restaurant was nice enough to let me have a tray to take some breakfast (including lots of hot tea) up to Lisa. I left her to eat and get cleaned up while I ate in the restaurant. By the time I finished my breakfast, Lisa was ready to make a tiny outing, but her voice has been reduced to a whisper by constant coughing and nasal drainage.

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We looked at many of the stores in the area, hoping to possibly find new jackets, but besides the fact that most of jackets only came in sizes too small for both Lisa and I, they also were mostly made in China (and "designed in Iceland," which doesn't count in our book). There were some made in Iceland products, though. Lisa is still considering an Icelandic wool scarf. One exception to the Chinese-made jackets were the Canada Goose arcticwear, which looks solid, and probably actually too heavy for our winters in Fernley, which rarely get colder than -10°C. Also, the prices were too much for us, too. I had to confirm that I wasn't misreading the number of decimal places in the price. They cost the equivalent of around $1000, and even with a VAT refund, they were too rich for our blood.

One walk up and down the hill was enough for Lisa, and the rain that had been falling lightly turned heavy, so we returned to the hotel, stopping at a 10-11 store (think upgraded 7-11) for some small groceries that could fit in the 'fridge. At the hotel, Lisa took another dose of cough medicine, and went back to bed. I got partially caught up on messages. Later in the afternoon when she woke back up, she sent me out to get her some take-out fish and chips from across the street. I had a couple of Icelandic hot dogs from the shop in the downtown square. It's midweek, not the high point of the tourist season, and it's been raining and chilly, so it's not particularly busy and the queues are short or nonexistent.

Lisa fell back asleep after dinner. The sun isn't setting until 9 PM or so, and I was restless and a little bored, so I went for a walk.

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Lisa still isn't feeling well, and she hates spending most of her time in bed coughing and hacking and generally feeling miserable. I don't really know what else to do, though. I hope it's all based on something non-infectious she picked up in Ireland, and that a little more rest will help.