September 12th, 2019

Kreegah Bundalo

Still Sick

We called the Urgent Care center where we took Lisa on the trip home and she spoke to the doctor who treated her. The doctor confirmed that there had been no sign of pneumonia on the X-ray, and that the nasal swab was negative for the flu. What she has (and what I now have) is simply a really stubborn cold, and there's almost nothing that can be done other than to keep treating the symptoms. I've been getting a terribly sore throat, so I went over to Walgreen's this morning and got some throat spray, and I continue to take various potions to treat the coughing.

Lisa is starting to feel slightly better, and isn't being racked with coughing as badly as she was during the worst parts of it. She felt well enough to make a large pot of hearty chicken soup, which was very nice of her. After I had a couple of bowls of it for lunch, I took the advice of my co-workers and went back to bed for a three-hour "nap." When I woke back up, I took care of remaining Day Jobbe stuff.

It's really annoying to have such a long-running cold like this. There are things we want to do around the house, and the weather has been good for doing so, but we both know that if we try to exert ourselves, we'll both just get sicker. So we stay in enforced idleness.
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