September 29th, 2019

Snow Day

Batten Down the Hatches (and Trash Cans)

Yesterday morning dawned sunny and chilly, but relatively pleasant. After breakfast at the Wigwam, I walked to the post office and back home, and considered doing some yard work. However, a few minutes after I got home, the light breeze that had been blowing significantly intensified, turning into winds that came within a few knots of gale force and plunging Fernley into a cloud of dust.

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As the wind started to subside, rain began to fall, which helped settle some of the dust, but it wasn't a lot of rain. After a while, the rain subsided and the clouds rolled back somewhat to reveal that the mountains were still there, but somewhat altered.

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Whether this is a harbinger of a "Donner Party winter" or not remains to be seen. I do not object to lots of snow in the mountains, but I do have one trip to the Bay Area planned in late October and I hope it is not scuppered by snow, as driving the Rolling Stone over I-80 in snow conditions is a prospect that attracts me not one bit.