October 3rd, 2019

Hugo Trophy

Hugo Award Flashback

Cheryl Morgan was able to find a couple of photos from the 2004 Hugo Awards ceremony that I'd lost and had been thinking about a lot lately, what with the discussion of "who is a Hugo Award winner."

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It shows you how much things have changed in the fifteen years since then that it's probably unthinkable to most Worldcon members that Emerald City was loudly criticized by some fans out there because it wasn't a "real" fanzine — after all, it was mostly published electronically and distributed by e-mail (later on a web site). Yes, folks, it may be hard to believe, but only fifteen years ago, there were fans who seriously held that the only Real Fanzines were those printed on pieces of paper and either handed to people in person or distributed through paper mail, and e-zines shouldn't even be considered eligible. Note that I am not one of those people and never have been. Think about that the next time someone wants to claim that I'm a hidebound Old Man who wants all New Ideas destroyed and hates anything that's new.