October 20th, 2019

Rolling Stone

Taking My Time Costs Me More Time

I did not urgently rush over the mountains today, and I made a lot of stops. Of course I no longer have to stop at the nursing home in Sacramento, but I did want to try and get some things from Fry's Electronics. That place is a ghost of its former self. I assume they've stopped paying suppliers and are just cannibalizing whatever is still in stock, based on how much empty space is in the Sacramento store.

I stopped to have dinner at Lodi Junction after refueling, but that meant that by the time I reached I-205, traffic was backed up all the way over Altamont Pass back to Tracy. I ground my way through it before bailing off at Old Altamont Pass Road. I was surprised at how few people were over there. I'm sure I beat most of the people creeping over the pass at walking speed.

Traffic was moving, but not at full speed most of the time. At least, I didn't feel comfortable trying to push the Rolling Stone up to 65 mph. That didn't stop maniacs, though, like the fool in what I think was a McLaren weaving through traffic, including jumping around me (in the slow lane) by going onto the auxiliary lane. Oh, for a CHP officer to be handy to go after this nut weaving across five lanes of traffic at high speed!

Anyway, I'm here, and my calendar is pretty full. Looks like I have something happening (besides the Day Jobbe) every day that I'm here this week, starting with the BASFA meeting on Monday night. And now my alarm is set for 4 AM for the next five mornings, so I'd better go try and get some sleep!