October 23rd, 2019


Long Walk in Redwood Shores

I had a routine dental appointment yesterday at my dentist who I originally picked because his office was a short walk around the lagoon from my office at One Lagoon Drive in Redwood Shores. It's a bit longer trip now. To avoid having to fight my way through traffic, I took VTA light rail and Caltrain up to Belmont and walked the roughly 1500 m to the office, giving me a chance to have a look at the old office.

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My dental cleaning and exam was routine. Because they did a fluoride application, I had to kill some time before I could eat, and the place I wanted to eat was in the Belmont area nearby, so I took a walk to enjoy the area and also explore something I'd never actually visited during the years I worked here.

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Eventually (including fielding a phone call from Lisa), I found myself at El Metate, which remains my favorite taqueria. I had a leisurely dinner before walking to the Belmont train station, where I had only a short wait before catching the last limited-stop train of the evening that took me back to Mountain View to take light rail back to the RV.

I logged more than 17,000 steps on my pedometer yesterday, so I only felt slightly guilty about the burrito.