November 23rd, 2019


Corportation Day

Today was the 3-times-a-year SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. Lisa sat with me for the meeting (we called in via Zoom conferencing; the physical meeting was in Sunnyvale, and one other director attended remotely as well) because of Westercon 74. Besides my other responsibilities, I am Secretary of the SFSFC board of directors.

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After my part of the Westercon 74 report, Lisa also spoke about the Hospitality portion of the convention, which will the largest single part of Tonopah's Westercon. Thanks to the very economical rent that Tonopah charges for the building, we'll be spending more on Hospitality than on facility rental, which is quite rare for events that have to rent a facility. Or to put it another way, Westercon 74 expects to spend a much larger percentage of the members' dues on the members themselves than most Westercons can afford to spend. Lisa spoke about how we want to make food safety and cleanliness a priority. Most con suites and convention parties are held under relatively hit-or-miss conditions in hotel rooms or suites. We have the major advantage of having a professional-grade prep kitchen as part of our facility, including refrigerators, warming ovens ("reverse refrigerators"), a commercial dishwashing machine, and multiple sinks and access to cleaning supplies. We're planning for groups holding parties to use part of the convention's main hall along with our own convention hospitality, including the kitchen and bar. Lisa says that we want to take advantage of that to keep it clean and to reduce "con crud" to a minimum while still having a good time.

As it happens, I typically can get all of the required post-meeting work done much more quickly when I attend remotely than when I'm at the meeting in person. It generally takes me several hours to pull all of the reports and my meeting notes into draft minutes, so it's faster if I just dig into doing that as soon as the meeting is over. Also, there are usually website updates I need to do as part of the instructions from the Board meeting (the corporate Secretary is generally responsible for keeping the website updated). Late this afternoon, I sent out the drafts of the two meetings' minutes to the Board members. When I attend in person, it can sometimes take me a week or more before I have the time to do the minutes. Once the directors have had a chance to review the minutes, and assuming no changes, the minutes will get posted on the SFSFC website. I've already told people that the posting won't happen until we get back from Albuquerque, but that's faster than the previous meeting, where the minutes were approved, but I forgot to post them until just a few days ago. (Nobody noticed, or if they did, they didn't tell me about it.)