December 11th, 2019

SMOF License

Winter Road Trip Day 15: Kingman AZ to North Las Vegas (via Laughlin NV)

Today's planned trip was relatively short (only about 150 miles even including the various detours), but because of the stops along the way and the very heavy traffic at times, it ended up taking over six hours to drive from Kingman to our hotel near Nellis Air Force Base in the North Las Vegas area.

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As we approached Searchlight NV on US-95, a large shadow passed over us. We discovered an impromptu air show at Searchlight Airport.

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This was quite unexpected. Indeed, Lisa was very surprised that such an aircraft would be doing stop-and-goes at a public airport like this. We weren't the only people stopping to take photos, either.

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Because our goal tonight was the Holiday Inn Express Nellis, up on the north side of the city, we made our stops along the way, starting with lunch/dinner and then visiting a building we don't expect will be around much longer.

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By the time we left Fry's, traffic had gone from bad to worse. Rather than go onto the freeway, Lisa decided to just drive down Las Vegas Blvd — the world-famous "Las Vegas Strip." Now I'm glad we did it just to experience how much Vegas has mushroomed, but it took a long time (more than an hour) to make the trip, and thus it was well after dark before we got to the hotel. I still had some Day Jobbe stuff to do as well.

We've regained the hour we lost when we headed into Arizona a week ago, but I give it right back because now I have to be up at 4:40 instead of 5:40 to do my half-day of Day Jobbe work, as I must match my co-workers hours in the Central Time Zone.

Tomorrow we head for Tonopah, and if the weather holds as it appears to be heading, we plan to take the road even less traveled than US-95 north of Las Vegas.