December 14th, 2019

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Winter Road Trip Day 18: Tonopah to Fernley NV

This morning, after getting a marvelous eight hours of sleep, we started packing the room for our final day on the road. While I dealt with e-mail (follow-ups from SMOFCon have been chasing me since we left Albuquerque, and it was best to to do anything needing a large upload while I had the better connections at hotels than we have at home), Lisa went out and took some more photos that we will publish later. We then moved everything to the van and checked out of the hotel, visiting with Rae Graham of the Mizpah. Lisa gave Rae some of our flyers, as she says there are people in Tonopah interested in joining Westercon, and that her son is trying to convince friends of his from Texas to make the trip.

Lisa and I made follow-up visits to Whitney's Bookshelf to leave flyers (and ended up buying videos and books, because that's the kind of people we are), and to the Jim Butler Inn & Suites to introduce ourselves and Westercon 74 to the manager so that when our hotel liaison calls to settle our room block, she'll know what's going on. Then it was time to go home.

We refueled the Astro for the final time at Gasoline Alley (right next door to the Mizpah) and set off on the final leg of our eighteen-day road trip. Today was a relatively straightforward drive, including the shorter of the two "retraces" (in this case the section from the NV-360 junction south of Mina to the US-95A junction at Shurz).

We stopped in Hawthorne and had lunch (breakfast, actually) at the El Capitan casino. (I recommend their hamburger and steaks.) Hawthorne was in our plans as the emergency trip extension if by some chance we were too tired to continue. (We did that once when we tried driving home straight from Las Vegas and discovered that we can't do that at the end of a long road trip; in the future we will always stop overnight, probably at Tonopah.) North of Hawthorne, we took US-95A through Yerrington (it's about the same distance as via Fallon) for minor variety.

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Per the odometer on the Astro, that's 2,575 miles (about 4,150 km) that we logged during the past eighteen days. We're very glad to be home. Tomorrow is the Day of Luxury: no alarm clock at all.