December 22nd, 2019


Holiday Slowdown

Lisa and I ran into Reno today hoping to get a part for the travel trailer. Unfortunately, both of the places that we've gone before, both of which have listed open hours on Sunday, were closed when we got there within their posted hours. One of them had a notice saying they'll be closed from December 20 through sometime around New Year's Day. The other had no notice, but I assume they're also taking a holiday. It's not critical, but it would have been nice to know before we (mostly) wasted the trip. It was not a total waste, however, as we were able to get what is probably our last shot at the good eggnog (Strauss dairy) from Whole Foods, and there were some other grocery items we can't get from Fernley.

We had dinner at the Peppermill buffet. I'm glad we were there just as they opened, for by the time we finished dinner the place was packed, so being there at the start meant we got our usual table and were able to get the food we wanted without having to dodge people too badly, although I did almost collide hard with one woman who was coming around a pillar a bit more quickly than I expected. On our way out we chatted briefly with the manager, bade her a happy holiday, and told her not to expect to see us again until sometime in the new year, as we try to avoid the place during the busy times. "Good choice," she said, laughing.

Based on my following the chain controls over Donner Summit via Twitter, it looks like I made the right call about not going to San Jose this past weekend. I might have eventually made it back over the mountain today, but it would have been difficult, nerve-wracking, and potentially dangerous. Even when driving slowly, making your way through ice and snow is hazardous. Today we only had to contend with some nasty high winds through the Truckee River canyon, and that was enough for me.