Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spring Break

While it's snowing again in the Sierra Nevada, this set of storms hasn't passed over Fernley and indeed with temperatures above 10°C, I all but let the fire go out today, and I have a fan running to push warm air back toward the back end of the house. We wrestled the large 100-pound propane bottle down to Hanneman Service and refilled it, and refilled the small porch-top wood box, so we're all set should the weather turn cold again. Lisa took advantage of relatively pleasant weather to work on breaking up another pallet. I burned the pieces she was able to reduce to a size small enough to fit into the fireplace, but this particular pallet was more nails that wood, and she gave up and put the remaining nail-ridden pieces into the trash.
Tags: house, lisa, propane, wood

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