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Giving Myself the Business (Meeting)

I see that the DisCon III web site staff list has been updated, so I can now say in public that I've been asked to be Parliamentarian of the 2021 WSFS Business Meeting, with [personal profile] lindadee chairing (after her many years of being Secretary) and Donald Eastlake III as deputy chair. This is because of a reorganization of DisCon III's WSFS division necessitated by the fallout over the Hugo Awards issues last month, where several members of DC3's management including Jared Dashoff, the WSFS division manager (and possibly the Business Meeting chair, although I'm not sure that was confirmed) resigned.

I don't want it to look like us Old Pharts (of which I'm the youngest at age 55) were chomping at the bit to take over. I know that personally I was happy to take a subordinate role (assistant videographer, i.e. person who carries the equipment for Lisa) working for Jared. I understand why Jared and Jesi stepped down from all of their DC3 roles, although I'm still disappointed that they did so and I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Under the circumstances, when DC3's new WSFS division manager, Nicholas Whyte, asked Linda to chair the Business Meeting and she in turn asked me to be her parliamentarian, I accepted, in order to help continue the continuity of WSFS operations.

Whether there will be an in-person WSFS Business Meeting this year is still up in the air, as DC3 is unable to make a decision due to the bankruptcy of one of their hotels, along with that hotel perversely refusing to let DC3 out of their hotel contract even though they closed the hotel, due to the bankruptcy proceedings treating DC3's contract as an asset. Personally, I'd rather have an in-person Worldcon in December than attempting to do a virtual Worldcon again in August, and that to me looks like the only options available.

Should there be an in-person Worldcon, Lisa will be there to record its Business Meeting. If it's all-virtual, she tells me she will ask for a refund of everything above her supporting membership, because virtual conventions aren't her thing.

Update, February 5: Comments on the LJ cross-post reminded me to add Jesi Lipp to the names of people from DC3 with whom I hope to work again in the future.
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