January 5th, 2020

Trains, Wonderful Trains

That's a Switch

Yesterday afternoon after we got back from Reno, we were about to set out to go show the propane guy at Big R about the adapter valve we purchased when we were interrupted by some train work.

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Lisa commented that when we were looking at this house on Google Earth before we bought it almost a decade ago, she figured that we'd see lots of passing trains, but she had no idea (and neither did I) that Fernley would turn out to be such a "hot spot" with 5 day/week BNSF locals, another 5 day/week UP local, and several other locals serving Fallon and the "Mina Subdivision" (stub of the line that long ago ran to Hawthorne, Tonopah, and even Las Vegas if you go far enough back in time), besides the UP and BNSF through trains. According to Trains magazine, we have around 20 trains/day through here, and while it's no Clapham Junction, it's still pretty much all we could have asked for as rail enthusiasts.