January 19th, 2020

Conrunner Kevin

Where I slept 2019

I've never done this one before, but as I've tried hard to write something every day in my journal (sometimes having to back-date an entry to make up for a missed day) with a location in it, it was easier than I thought it would be to do so. I just went back and skimmed my entire journal for the year.

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Per the way I understand this meme, multiple trips to the same place on different dates (Tonopah, Sacramento, Sunnyvale) don't get special notice. You just list every place you spent at least one night. Gold Run is a special case, as I know I spent the night there once, but I've lost track of exactly where it falls on the sequence list, because I did not do a journal entry on the night when I over-nighted there on a trip home from the Bay Area.

Update, January 20: I figured it out. I slept in the RV at Gold Run on my way back from the July SFSFC meeting, which means that it was after Layton but before Millbrae. List updated.

Assuming the weather behaves, two of the places on the list above will reappear on this year's list, over this coming weekend. More about that if it happens, as it's an optional trip.
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