January 23rd, 2020

Kevin and Lisa

Long Weekend Getaway

For what might be the only time this year, Lisa and I are on a trip that isn't a convention trip. I'm taking a couple of days off and we're driving out to the Ogden, Utah area on what is purely a sightseeing trip.

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I was able to get done with work early enough today to get on the road by 11 AM, giving us plenty of time to make the 250 miles to Elko and to make stops or side trips along the way. I do admit to a sigh of relief as we passed the place east of Battle Mountain where we broke down on the trip to SpikeCon last July.

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We continued on to Elko, arriving at the hotel just after sundown. While it's not quite as new as the hotel where we stayed in Hamburg on the way to Worldcon 75 (we were among the hotel's first few guests and were the first people who had stayed in the room in that hotel that opened the day we arrived), it's still a pretty new location, having opened only a bit over a month ago.

Today's weather was great for traveling. Tomorrow may not be quite so good, as the weather forecast is for 2-3 cm of snow here in Elko. We're hoping that when it turns to rain tomorrow morning the roads will clear and we can continue on to Layton-Ogden. If the conditions look safe to do so, we're considering taking the long way around, going north around the Great Salt Lake rather than the shorter, faster route via Salt Lake City.