January 26th, 2020

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Long Weekend Getaway, Day 3: The Scenic Route Home

As the fog started to lift over Layton this morning, we weighed our options for the drive home. It did appear from weather reports that we'd face fog for the first portion of the trip, but not rain or snow unless we dawdled. On the grounds that driving in fog is easier without a lot of other vehicles around us, we decided to go ahead and take the longer route through the "Utah Outback."

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After considering various options once we were moved into our hotel room, and taking into account the generous amount of space we had in which to spread out, we decided to mostly stay in. First though, we put on our raincoats and walked to the convenience store a block away to get some drinks. (I did, however, spot some Evil Dill Pickle Pringles and bought all four of them.) We then ordered pizza for delivery to the hotel. I went to the front desk to get some plates and tableware. They were swamped with a large group registering. I patiently waited my turn. It took so long that just as I got my plates, the pizza arrived.

Lisa and I were happy to chow down on pizza after our day traversing the "Utah Outback," which I found interesting, but a little stressful on Lisa due to the sections of heavy fog.

Tomorrow we have only 250 miles to drive home. I probably could save a half-day of time off by working in the morning, but both Lisa and I are tired. For some reason, neither of us were able to sleep much at all last night in Layton. So tomorrow we hope to take it easy in the morning before the final 250 miles home. The storm passing over us now is supposed to be gone by tomorrow, so we don't expect to have to implement one of the standby plans (we spend an extra night in Elko and I work tomorrow from the hotel, shifting my PTO day forward one day).

[personal profile] travelswithkuma was disappointed. There was no place to take a picture of him today. He made up for this by building a mountain of pillows on the bed and playing King of the Hill while we ate dinner.