February 11th, 2020

Beware of Trains

Daylight Follow-Up on the House Track Incident

Late this afternoon, I ventured over to the UP tracks, taking careful observation to make sure there were no trains coming — the track signals are only lit when there are trains in the area. I wanted to get some pictures in daylight of where the misadventure with the pickup truck happened.

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Once again, I think we got very lucky last night. I'm not sure whether our intervention helped a whole lot, but it did get the mess reported in slightly garbled form to the UP track maintainer, who had to drive up the access road because the milepost 276 location wasn't clearly communicated through several levels.

I'm starting to wonder if I need to keep flares and/or a red signal lamp around here in case something like this happens again. It's possible that maybe a train coming through (we're about halfway between the two ends of Fernley Siding) might see a flare in time to stop their train, but it's not sure. It takes a long time to stop a train moving at 70 miles/hour.