February 15th, 2020

Tonopah Westercon

Last Chance for Cheap Westercon Membership Upgrades

Over the past few days, I've been working with Westercon 74's Registrar, Linda Deneroff, to get the correct extract of the names and mailing addresses of all of Westercon 74's supporting members who haven't yet upgraded to an attending membership. These are the people who voted in the election at SpikeCon last year but who have not yet spent the $10 to upgrade to an attending membership. This discounted price offer ends at the end of February when the base attending membership price increases to $50. I used the database extract to prepare a mailing to those roughly sixty members to remind them that if they want to get that bargain-priced upgrade, they have to do so by the end of February. Starting March 1, the extra discount expires, and from then on, an upgrade to attending is whatever the current attending membership price is less the $20 advance-supporting-membership/voting fee they paid in Layton.

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After breakfast this morning I took all of the letters over to the post office and mailed them. As it happens, I know that two of them won't travel too far, as there are two other addresses of Westercon 74 members here in Fernley. Yes, there are members of the convention other than Lisa, Kuma, and me living in this town!

While we did e-mail all members with e-mail addresses with this information included in PR1 when we published it last month, we know that some members' e-mail addresses are invalid, some e-mail systems interpret our mailings as junk mail, and also that some people don't pay much attention to convention e-mails. We hope that a paper letter gets our members' attention and lets them know that they have one last chance to save a lot of money on a Westercon 74 attending membership.