February 16th, 2020


Card Conundrum

This morning when I went to breakfast at the Wigwam, I discovered when I went to pay that the card I intended to use that it wasn't in my wallet. (Not a problem; I have others.) After paying for breakfast (and winning $25 off of the free-play coupons I got from having breakfast there), I went home and called the place Lisa and I had dinner last night in Reno-Sparks. Sure enough, I'd left my card there and they were holding it for me. As it happens, there was a reason for me to go into Reno (actually Sparks) anyway, as I had an auto part waiting for me to be picked up in Sparks, so I saddled up and drove to Sparks, collected my card, then drove over to Summit and collected the part. It's still time consuming (it's about 25 miles each way), but this could have been much worse.
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