February 17th, 2020

Not Sensible

Caucus Voting

As I've mentioned, because I'm a designated Temporary Precinct Chair, I've been asked to vote in advance of the caucus so that I don't betray my own personal preferences during the administrative business of our precinct's caucus this weekend. By voting early using a preferential ballot, my vote will count even though I personally won't be standing with any of the preference groups until after the final preferences are determined and our precinct selects our delegates to the county convention.

Nevada is, as far as I know, the first state using a caucus that is also allowing people to express their preferences in advance, by voting for at least three but not more than five candidates on an instant-runoff ballot. While it does handle redistribution of preferences out of non-viable (<15% of total votes) candidates, it does leave out the theoretical element of caucus members persuading others in person to vote with their group. However, four years ago, there was essentially no individual persuasion happening at the caucus I attended, although that might have been because there were substantially only two candidates, whereas this time the field is more fragmented.

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I found it very reassuring to have other Democrats around me. If you went solely on the online crowd, you'd think that every single person in Fernley was a Republican, and people like me — and it's an article of faith among these people that every single person from Californicate lives in San Fran and is a communist who never did a lick of work in their life — should just go back to California and let Real Murikens get on with crowning King Donald as President for Life and Beyond. And of course, everyone in California is a welfare cheat and there's no money there at all (no, it doesn't have to make sense). Some of them were posting messages telling people to "write in Trump!" and didn't seem happy to know that there is no provision for write-in candidates in a caucus. You either have to choose a candidate or Uncommitted.

It was good to be around people who haven't drank Dear Leader's Kool-Aid.

By the way, with lots of time to talk, I spoke with some of the other people in line around me. By coincidence, the woman behind me had attended the 2011 Worldcon in Reno. But she didn't know it was a "Worldcon." She only knew it by "Renovation" and didn't connect that it was the World Science Fiction Convention. This is more proof to me that Worldcons should stop marketing nicknames and should call themselves "Worldcon."