March 6th, 2020


Light Housekeeping

One of the minor nuisances of Fernley House has been how dim the bathroom was, on account of the old light fixture. While we were in Lowe's a few days ago, Lisa reminded me that I've complained about this before and suggested we replace it, so along with other things about which I will write later, we picked out a fixture. Lisa tackled the task of installing it yesterday.

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The new fixture produces 2650 lumens for 26 W, compared to the 700 lumens for 34 W we were getting from the old fixture. That's roughly 3¾ times the illumination for ⅔ the energy, which seems like a really good trade in my opinion. And I reckon eventually the electricity and long-life-of-bulb savings will pay for the cost of the new fixture, but that wasn't the main point of the purchase. It was just that we were tired of bumbling around in the dim.

It's a big difference in the bathroom, and I'm glad Lisa had us buy the "warmest" tubes, as the "cool" ones would have probably burned out our retinas in such a small space.