March 7th, 2020


More Light Housekeeping

After installing the new light fixture in the master bathroom, Lisa undertook a long-anticipated project to bring the wiring in the garage up to the minimal electrical code recommendations we got from the inspector we hired before we bought the house in 2011.

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Lots of the wiring in this house appears to have been done by people not especially concerned with code requirements or tidiness. (Fernley was not an incorporated city when the house was expanded, and it isn't clear what the construction history is.) The wiring works, and Lisa doesn't think that it is actively unsafe, but she considers it less than ideal. Over the years we have been here, Lisa has been slowly fixing wiring when she gets an opportunity to do so. This latest round not only checks off one of the home-inspector's boxes, but also makes the garage more usable because you can turn on some lights as soon as you open the door instead of having to putter around for a couple of meters looking for the light switches in the dark.