March 17th, 2020

Snow Day

Late Winter Storm

There's been a lot of snow falling in the Sierra the past few days, with I-80 intermittently closed, but nothing here in Fernley except a bunch of wind blowing pollen and dust around to trigger my allergies and make me worry about The Dreaded Lurgi. Yesterday morning we had a few minutes of snow that dropped just enough icy pellets to make the porch look like it had come down with a case of Reverse Measles (white spots on a red background). Last night, however, we actually had some visible accumulation, albeit not very much.

When I woke up this morning (about fifteen minutes ahead of my alarm, as it happens), Lisa (who had been unable to sleep and was near the end of her "day") was putting more wood in the fireplace. She warned me that we'd had snow, and that she'd been sweeping the sidewalk and porch.

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We went to Raley's last night and bought a larger-than-usual amount of groceries in the hope that we won't have to go out very much for a while. Reno's mayor has ordered bars and restaurants closed, and while there aren't yet such restrictions in place in Fernley, a number of places like fast-food outlets are take-out/drive-through only.

We're not just huddling indoors, although it's cold enough that we mostly stay under cover. There's enough room around here to maintain "social distancing" and still get out and walk around.

So now we wait and hope the steps being taken will tamp down the pandemic to at least keep it within the ability of medical services to cope with it.