March 19th, 2020


Fernley 911

Following my usual practice (when not in meetings or otherwise needing things quieter), I keep the radio scanner running in the living room. This morning I heard a call-out to "100 Front Street" which is the Imerys Minerals (former Celite) diatomaceous earth processing plant (we call it the "kitty litter" factory) down the street from our house. We regularly have to redirect wayward big rigs following their GPS the wrong way past our house at 125 West Front instead of going to Imerys at 100 East Front. (This would be less of a problem if they'd actually give their address as East Front instead of just Front.)

Listening to the call out to the fire department, I could see confusion ahead for them. Someone at Imerys had noticed a large plume of something shooting out of the asphalt plant on the other side of the railroad tracks, and had said so the 911 dispatcher. However, the dispatcher in Yerrington probably had no idea that the asphalt plant is across the tracks and it's very much around-the-houses to get between the two places. Because the 911 system gave them 100 Front Street, that's where they sent the fire department.

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I never did learn what was causing the steam plume, but it apparently was nothing dangerous, for which I am very relieved. We have way too much to worry about already without having to bug out from a hazardous material leak.

We had more light snow overnight, and we had to tread carefully on the porch where it had frozen over until the sun came out later in the morning and melted it all.