March 20th, 2020


Venturing Out for Restock

Yesterday afternoon, one of the local rabbits stirred out for a while, apparently tempted by spring growth.

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This afternoon, we decided that inasmuch as grocery stores are open and Raley's in Fernley is pretty well picked over that we would risk going to Reno. We appear to have gotten lucky as we went to both Winco stores (some stuff was at one but not the other) but did not have to wait to get in. To keep the density down and allow people to practice social distancing, they were metering people in and out of the stores, and both times we could go right in but by the time we came out there was a queue. We also went to Cost Plus World Market (which is open because they sell food) to get some of the nice food they have there, then to Butcher Boy and got a duck (on the grounds that if we're going to have to stay in for a while, we might as well enjoy it). Then it was on to Staples (the only place I know that sells the refill soap for our liquid soap dispenser around these parts; they were still open), and Raley's Reno (for a few things that weren't at any of the other stores). We would have also stopped at Scolari's Reno, but they are temporarily closing at 4 PM; had we known that, we would have gone their first.

We did our best to maintain 2m separation, but clearly a lot of people don't have the idea. While queuing to check out, I had to use our shopping cart to keep the people behind us from crowding in.

We're fortunate to have a big house that can hold a lot of stuff. I think we're well stocked for a while now.

And meanwhile, there are still a lot of morons around here screaming about how the guv'mint doesn't have the right to do any of the things they're doing and this is Communism and a Hoax and we're all going to marched off to death camps and so forth. If there was a way to herd all of those people into their own space and keep them away from everyone else, I would encourage them all to gather together, shake hands, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, hug each other, and trade all of their germs, just as long as they stay away from the rest of us. These people are drilling holes in the bottom of the lifeboat. I don't care if they kill themselves — but don't take the rest of us down with them!