March 27th, 2020

Snow Day

Last Snow?

Wednesday morning, I went onto the front porch (before dawn, because of my Day Jobbe hours) to get a log for the fireplace and felt crunching under my feet. Turning on the porch light, I saw that we'd received a tiny bit of snow overnight.

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Had this not become the year of The Great Cancellation, today would have been the start of the three-week trip to the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. I sort of was hoping a big storm would come through and dump so much snow on Donner Summit that I-80 would close (as has been happening over the past week or so). Then I could have said, "Oh, well, I wouldn't have been able to go anyway. And those grapes were probably sour, too."

Instead of a trip in the Rolling Stone, Lisa and I drove into Reno to attempt to do some shopping. Home Depot had not yet gotten any cans of Lysol spray back into stock. (We have one can left, but it's been our normal practice to keep several anyway; it's just bad luck for us that we were on the low end just before there was a run on it.) Cost Plus World Market has closed their stores (although initially they were open during the early days because of their food selection, which was why we were going there). WinCo Foods was open, however, and we only had about a five minute wait in the queue to get in.

We tried really hard to maintain social distancing, but it's not easy when the people around you don't seem to see a need to do so and instead walk around aimlessly, ignoring everyone around them. But because of WinCo metering people in and out of their stores, the general density was relatively low. We got what we could. We're trying to keep the stock of groceries extended in case the quarantine has to go hard, which we reckon could happen any day now.