May 3rd, 2020

Fernley House

Springing Up

The bushes around the house, which I trimmed back to sticks last autumn, are budding back to life.

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We're ambivalent about these bushes that are all around the property. We appreciate the shade they give in summer, but not so much the amount of leaf clutter they leave behind.

Speaking of leaf clutter, we bought another hose yesterday during our foray out to go grocery and supply shopping in anticipation of doing some burning in an area where the existing hose wasn't long enough to go, and I started to do a bunch of raking to form a new burn pile this morning. The residential burn permit ends at the end of May, so we only have a few weeks to burn what can be burned. However, when I started doing so, the wind started to come up. It's likely that the wind was under the technical limit on the permit, but it was still enough to worry me. Having even a small fire get away from us and blow embers into the dry stuff in the adjoining fields doesn't bear thinking about. So this week's burning is scrubbed.

Ironically, the winds died down again after Noon, but you're also not supposed to burn after 2 PM, and there's a Lake Wind Warning for later this afternoon anyway, so we'll just wait until next weekend. The brush isn't likely to go anywhere on its own, after all.