May 21st, 2020

Beware of Trains

Trapped on the Tracks

On Sunday, I was listing to railroad discussion on the scanner, as the Union Pacific dispatcher was talking to one train telling them that they would have to wait for a while after he put them in the siding, as there were several other trains, including a "no-fitter" (longer than any siding) heading toward them. The crew of the train radioed back that there was an additional complication: a car stuck on the railroad tracks ahead of them. I grabbed my camera and went to see if it was nearby, and yes, it was.

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After the trains cleared the area, I cautiously made my way over to the maintainer, who recognized me and I think knows that Lisa and I try to be good neighbors to the railroad. I asked if he or the railroad would want any of the photos or video that I shot, and he told me he didn't think so, explaining what his experience about such things has been. He tells me that idiots on the tracks are unfortunately all too common.

I'm glad I was able to get all of this material (click through the photos to see more on Flickr if you're interested), and even more glad that nobody got hurt and especially that a train didn't derail at speed hitting a trapped car.