May 23rd, 2020

Let's Split

Last Burn of the Season

Today, Lisa and I tackled the remaining lawn debris, aiming to make this our last burn on this year's permit. During the week, I went out several times and spread and turned the brush and leaves to try and get them to dry out more, although a small amount of rain on Friday didn't help matters.

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That's pretty much the last of the burnable brush on our property or immediately adjacent to it that we can get disposed of this season. As time permits, we'll probably go out and cut brush from the trees along the fence line, pile it up away from the fence, and let it dry out. Maybe next October when burning is permitted again, we'll buy another burn permit and get rid of it. For now, though, we feel a lot better about getting dry brush and leaves away from the east side of the fence along our property and forming a slightly more defensible area to protect our house.

Incidentally, I've edited yesterday's post to include a photo of a truck that Lisa asked me to take for Chris Carson's benefit because she thought he might enjoy it.