May 24th, 2020

Kevin and Lisa

Getting Out and About (Safely)

Things are starting to open up in Nevada, but that doesn't mean that Lisa and I feel all that safe. Still, we really wanted to get away from the house for something other than a shopping trip. I suggested we go to Fort Churchill State Park, about 25 mi / 40 km south of us on US-95A. The park preserves an old US army outpost and Pony Express stop. We've been here before and I've written about it when we last came here. For our purposes, it had the advantage of being pretty big, spread out, and unlikely to be crowded. We packed some sandwiches and cold drinks in the cooler and set off for Fort Churchill.

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We spent several hours hiking around the trails at Fort Churchill, and we plan to go back again, although we may have to wait until autumn to do so because soon it may be too hot to take long hikes. The 1 km Ruins Loop gives you a look at all of the fort buildings and is an easy walk from the parking lot.

Fort Churchill State Park is open 24 hours a day because it's also a good place to go stargazing. There are camping sites, but they are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

We got a lot of fresh air and sunshine (I'm glad I put on sunscreen and wore my long-sleeve shirt, hat, and sunglasses) and didn't feel like we were in any danger of being crowded. That's good for both of us and definitely worth the drive and the day-use fee.

I'll be writing this up as a place where you could stop for a while on a drive to Tonopah from the north. By then, we assume the adjacent Buckland Station Museum ($1 admission) will be open once again.