May 25th, 2020

Fernley House

Home Cooking, Episodes 7 and 8

This morning, I did have Day Jobbe things to do on my holiday (and I hope to get credit for it later in the week), but I didn't have to be up before dawn as I do most days. As I was getting up, Lisa produced her latest cookery.

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We went out on a little exploration that did not involve having to be near anyone else today, about which I will write later. (I'm tired from spending five hours concentrated coding on what should be a day off.) But Lisa made a nice meal for us in the afternoon after we got back from bouncing over back roads.

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I had to hold myself back from not eating all that Lisa served so I could have some of it for lunch tomorrow.

We may not be traveling the way we normally do (although we're allowed to do so now, it seems, albeit that I'm not sure how much I trust other people), but we're certainly eating well.