June 1st, 2020

Tonopah Westercon

Westercon 74 PR 2 Published

We didn't plan to publish another Westercon progress report for a while, but the change of dates necessitated by the "Westercon Two-Step" meant that we did need to contact all of our members, including those who do not have e-mail addresses on file with us. (Yes, there are some of them.) So over the past week, we put together Progress Report 2, using he same single-sheet/quad-folded booklet format that we used for PR 1, and repeating some things from PR 1, albeit with updated dates. You can download a copy of PR 2 from the Westercon 74 Publications page, and if you are a member and provided us with an e-mail address, you should have already received an e-mail telling you that the PR has been published and where to get it.

41 members either have no e-mail address on file and/or requested paper copies of their publications. I mailed these on Saturday.

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The paper copies mailed the day before the e-mail notification went out. I did not do anything on the convention's social media until today, however, because this weekend was full of Too Much News. Besides the chaos around the country, within the SF/F genre we had both the Nebula Awards Ceremony (online) and the nearly simultaneous release of the 2020 Hugo Award voter packet. By waiting until today, I had hoped to spread the news out over a slightly longer time.

This afternoon I updated the online membership list and membership counts. We currently have 216 total members of all types, up slightly from our last update at the end of February. I'm grateful for the new members who have joined during this period of enforced isolation, and look forward to welcoming all of our members to Tonopah in 25 months from today.