June 3rd, 2020


Still No Time

A long day working on urgently-requested reports meant that I was already running late when I could finally log off. Lisa and I needed to run to Fallon to get stuff from Ace Hardware and Big R Fallon that we haven't been able to find in Fernley. Among the various bits: a bottle of Orange Guard anti-ant spray, which is safe for use around food and such. We used the very last of the last bottle from my Fremont days on a swarm of black ants that showed up near the travel trailer. To my surprise, I couldn't find them from the usual suspects in Fernley, but Ace Hardware had it.

By the time we came back from Fallon (including a stop at Raley's grocery store on the way home), we were both too tired to do anything. Lisa has hurt her back and bruised a rib, and I'm still not getting enough sleep. I'm not complaining about being employed, though. I'm actually happy to be working on stuff where my computer-programming database skills are useful.