June 20th, 2020


Swamp Thing (Epilogue, For Now)

The heat has arrived. Today's projected high is 34°C and it will stay in the high 30s (close to 100°F in old money) throughout the week, with humidity between 10 and 50%, mostly on the lower side of that range. Therefore, it was time to put the refurbished swamp cooler to the test.

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With pan full and the cover replaced, I turned the pump on. The way this kind of cooler works is that you should run the pump for a while to pump water up to the top where it percolates through the blue pads. The pump made funny noises initially, but once it stopped sucking air, everything was fine. Once the pads were well saturated, I turned on the fan. Success! Lots of cool air, evaporating in the low humidity and providing immediate relief from the heat.

We have to keep a couple of windows open in order for this to work properly. Otherwise, you get too much humidity and not enough evaporation. Also, once the outside air temperatures get above body temperature (37°C), I find that the cooling effect tends to trail off. It's not perfect, but it's also a lot less expensive than a big home AC system would be, as in one fewer zero in the cost.