July 15th, 2020

Business Meeting

Have an Agenda

As part of my role as one of the maintainers of the WSFS web site, I keep the archive of official rules and papers updated. This afternoon, I finally had enough time to post what it supposed to be the final version of the Agenda of the 2020 WSFS Business Meeting at the WSFS Rules Page. Most of the material on that page is the "as of the end of the 2019 meeting" version, meaning the current version of the constitution, standing rules, etc. Only the Agenda is the 2020 version of the document.

Although CoNZealand will be almost entirely online, the Business Meeting has to be held in person, by WSFS rules. Recognizing that very few WSFS members can even physically access the convention site, CoNZealand's WSFS Business Meeting team have arranged the meeting to be a "minimally compliant" meeting that plans to to the minimum necessary to keep WSFS running for another year. The tiny number of things that are time-constrained (Hugo eligibility extensions) are expected to pass unanimously. Ratification of constitutional amendments pending from last year will be effectively postponed until next year. (I'm not certain of the exact mechanism by which this will be done, because there are multiple ways to do it, and I'm not the chair.) Committees will be continued for another year as currently constituted.

Also as I understand it, the Business Meeting is planned to adjourn without holding the Mark Protection Committee elections to fill the three seats whose terms expire at the end of the meeting. This will cause the seats to fall vacant. This is not a problem, however, as the MPC (which is not constrained to meet only in person) can then meet and temporarily fill those three vacancies until next year's Business Meeting. Next year we'll have to elect six people instead of three: the three full three-year terms and three two-year terms.

The Business Meeting will be very short. The Agenda, however, is quite long because it includes all of the reports from the various WSFS committees, which continue to grow every year. Kudos to the hardest working person on the Business Meeting staff, the Secretary, who has to collate all of the reports and material and create that document.