July 20th, 2020


Helping Out the Team

Just as I was thinking I might be able to stop and eat lunch today, I saw a big rig carrying a container drive by very slowly. For reasons that will shortly be made clear, I had a feeling that it was a lost truck, and noticing that the tractor had an XPO logo on it, I put on my XPO hat and went outside to see if he was going to need my help. The driver had turned his rig around (if I were driving, I would have gone around the block, but so many drivers these days are slaves to their GPS) and stopped in front of the house. He got out and I waved at him to stay safely away as I asked him, "You're looking for Imerys Minerals, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he said, probably wondering if I was psychic.

I pointed down the street at the multi-story industrial building located a few blocks away. "That's it. That big building there. Your GPS is playing you wrong because that building is 100 East Front Street and you are right now at 100 West Front Street."

He was relieved. I pointed at my XPO hat and said, "We're on the same team, after all. I'm a work-from-home engineer for XPO Worldwide." (XPO Drayage and XPO Worldwide Logistics are not the same legal entity and came to the corporate family by different routes, but we're all part of the XPO conglomerate and all contribute to the same bottom line as far as the stock market is concerned.)

He got into his truck and headed down the street to make his pickup.

I do wish that Imerys would give their full address. They have it on their sign as just 100 Front Street, and I suspect that's what it says on the instructions to all of the drivers. Front Street isn't very long (only about five blocks), but we get a lot of lost trucks being led by their GPS to a railroad yard across the street from our house when they're trying to pick up pallets of DiaFil diatomaceous earth products from Imerys down the street.
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