July 26th, 2020


Swamp Thing II

Lisa really needs a space where she can manage her own environment, and with the A/C out while we work on obtaining a replacement fan, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Several years ago, we bought an in-window evaporative "swamp" cooler, intending to install it in the bedroom of the house. Unfortunately, we have the wrong kind of windows, as you need windows that open up-down, not side-to-side, and we have as yet not gone to the effort and expense of having the windows replaced. (They need it anyway, but we've not done it yet.) So the unused swamp cooler has sat in its original packaging on a pallet in the garage. Yesterday, Lisa and I (mostly her; I lift heavy things and fetch tools) put together a very temporary solution.

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This temporary arrangement works well, and Lisa says the temperature inside is down to 22°C while the thermometer outside reads 34° and the forecast high for today is 37°. This is not too surprising, as this cooler is rated to cool a much larger space than the travel trailer. Lisa has to keep the vent in the bathroom ceiling open and the fan running to make the evaporation work, but that's only a minor nuisance. The trailer stays in the shade nearly all day except a small part of the afternoon when a "stripe" of sun works its way down the side of the trailer, and we're working on that as well.

This is slightly inconvenient in that it's hard to get around the cooler with just a small space in the widened carport, but it should do for now while we work on fixing the "real" air conditioner.