July 28th, 2020

WSFS Captain 2

Virtual Worldcon Day 1

Today was the first day of CoNZealand, the first virtual Worldcon. I had to work at Day Jobbe, but was able to start looking in around 1 PM my time as things were starting to come together. I did not attend any panels, but I spent time "hanging around" on Discord around the areas marked as the Hallway (where I denied having any interest in bidding for a Worldcon for Tonopah), the Con Suite, and the UK and Chicago Worldcon bid tables until the Opening Ceremony.

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With the next days filled with Worldcon stuff and with Lisa and I trying to not go grocery shopping on weekends anymore, we calculated that today was the only day we had until sometime next week, so we made a trip to Reno for a shopping run. By the time we got home, it was time for the convention parties.

The parties are arranged into several "bands" to try and cover lots of time zone ranges. Band 3 started at 20:00 PT and included the Chicago in 2022 party. Parties were in the form of Zoom meetings. You enter the party "lobby" and ask to be sent to the party (breakout room) you wanted to attend. If you wanted to change parties, you could leave the room and return to the lobby to be sent to other parties.

Lisa and I spent the evening sitting in the Chicago party. We would have stayed later, but it's already too late and I still have to work tomorrow, albeit only a half-day. I may have to try and get a nap in tomorrow after work and before more convention stuff.

It's nowhere near as satisfying as a real Worldcon, but I do like spending time talking with my friends and other fellow fans, even if we can't do so in person.