July 29th, 2020

Kevin 1994

Virtual Worldcon Day 2: Retro Hugos

I am taking half-days off from work today through Friday, working only from 04:30 to 09:30, which gives me the rest of the day to attend CoNZealand on time. I had some idea that I might spend some of that time taking a nap before Noon, when one of the online party bands that I wanted to attend opened. However, duty called, as we got the material (photos, transcripts) necessary to set up the 1945 and 2020 Hugo Award trophy pages. This involves uploading the photos, linking them into the page, copying and making sure I didn't mess up the material from the artists, and also placing the thumbnail versions of the photos on the 1945/2020 "static" pages. This takes a lot longer than you might expect. Oh, and also when that was done, there was the post to TheHugoAwards.org about the trophy reveal from last night.

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The 2020 Hugo Awards ceremony is not until Saturday morning NZST / Friday afternoon PDT, when I will have another nervous afternoon with Twitter and WordPress. With luck, the bugs in today's Retro-Hugo ceremony will be ironed out for the 2020 Hugo Ceremony, just like the bugs we had with the live coverage in Dublin during the Opening Ceremony/Retro-Hugo Awards were fixed in time for the Main Event.