August 2nd, 2020

Kevin Standlee

Virtual Worldcon Day 5+1: The Last Party

Because the Old Pharts' Party was being done online and virtual anyway, organizer Dave McCarty arranged to have two of them. One was yesterday, timed for the benefit of New Zealand and so that we could induct our two new members. Those of us who could manage to stay up late enough our times (or possibly who had been able to take a nap during the day like I understand Dave did) also made the party. I gave up at 2 AM and was in bed by 2:30. I woke up seven hours later, thirty minutes before the second round.

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Around 2 PM Pacific, roughly twelve hours since having left the previous party, it became clear that this one was winding down as well and I made my final farewells.

In response to at least one inquiry about the subject: No, I did not take a bunch of screenshots of the Zoom party so that I could Photoshop them together to make a virtual Worldcon Chairs Photo. But maybe I should have done so. OTOH, doing the part of the Chairs' Photo where everyone says their name and convention would have taken a bit more organization. Maybe I should have... no, probably not.

And that really is it for CoNZealand. Had the pandemic not hit, Lisa and I would be heading to the South Island for the second half of our trip. As it stands, I'm just going to try and get to bed early and get back on schedule for the Day Jobbe, which starts bright and early tomorrow.