August 24th, 2020


A Different Angle on the Haze

On Saturday morning, I was out doing an errand and stopped at Black Bear Diner / Fernley Nugget Casino to take a couple of photos of the smoke and haze over Fernley from a different angle.

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On Sunday morning, while I was monitoring Westercon 74's virtual bid table at the Columbus NASFiC, Gary Blog asked what the smoke was like, so I took a photo from the front porch and found a comparable angle from last January for comparison.

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Goodness only knows what things would be like if there were any fires closer to us. I read this afternoon that the Loyalton fire is completely contained. That's the one where there was a "fire tornado" warning. You want to see what it looked like, check out this time-lapse video that Kat brought to my attention. This video is from a place called Hallelujah Junction (US-396 and CA-70, a few miles north of the Nevada-California state line) on the road from Reno to Susanville. I reckon that people escaping from the area said a few "Hallelujahs" of their own.