September 7th, 2020


Decked Out

I took Friday off partially because I'm approaching the use-it-or-lose it limit of 300 hours of paid time off thanks to no Westercon or Worldcon trip this year, and partially because I thought we would be working on an anticipated home-improvement project. Unfortunately, a long weekend of extreme heat and eye-watering smoke meant that nowhere near as much got done on the project to replace the rear patio deck. However, I will take this opportunity to chronicle our progress to date, on a project that I haven't mentioned but that has been going on for some time now.

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With the assessment done, we drew up a "bill of materials" and went to Lowe's to buy lumber. Unfortunately, they did not have all of the sizes of boards we needed, but we got what we could, intending to return when they got the other boards we needed in stock. Buying lumber like this is a bit of an expedition for us because we need to hook up the utility trailer to the Astro.

Lisa took some days off after we got the lumber (about which I will write at a later date), but started working on things again just before the long weekend.

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We've used up the initial lumber purchase, and canceled the order for the metal building kit. (We made the order more than two months ago, and when Lowe's called to say it had arrived, we went over there and they said they couldn't find it, so we told them "never mind" and got a refund.) Time to put together another bill of materials for the remaining boards and to go buy wood preservative for the plywood along with more lumber. Maybe the cooler weather forecast for this week will make it easier for us to go do more work on this.

I note that my involvement here has mostly been to be the one with the credit card and to ocassionally move pieces of wood. Lisa has done all of the work, as she can mainly get things done late at night when it's cool enough to work. Having no neighbors means there's nobody to complain about her making noise building stuff.