September 21st, 2020

Sheriff Kevin

Old Hat (and New!)

The hat that I wear most of the time is a style of Jacaru hat that I picked up on my trip to Aussiecon Four and found that I really liked. I have run through three of them so far, as I'm apparently hard on my hats, but I'd rather the hats wear out than my head, particularly now that my hair is so thin on top.

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Yesterday I got some suede leather protector spray and sprayed the new hat with several successive coats, in the hope that it will help protect the hat. Today was its first day as my main hat.

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I guess sometime in the next year or so I should consider ordering two more hats. Hat #3 joins its predecessors on a hat tree in the house. Sometimes when doing yard work around the house, I use the older hats, which are pretty beat-up by now but mostly keep the sun off my head.

Oh, and the black shirt? It's a sign of the end of summer, as I switch between khaki and black as the weather cools. The hat stays on in all seasons, though, protecting me from sun and rain alike. "Cowboy" hats are easy to find in Fernley, but this Australian style suits me more than the ones available in stores around here.