September 23rd, 2020


SMOFCon Announces "Operation Leapfrog"

It's not a surprise that SMOFCon, the conrunners convention, could not be held this year. What may be a surprise is how it's going to be rescheduled.

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I was part of the joint working group of the Montreal and Lisboa (Lisbon; "Lisboa" is the city's name in Portuguese) committees, as Montreal Chair Jannie Shea asked me to help with part of the negotiation. I'm a CanSMOF director, and earlier this year, I contacted the bidders for 2022, who each individually agreed that if the other bids were willing to put of their bids, they would do so as well.

Note that what's happening here is that SMOFCon 38 (Montreal) is going to happen after SMOFCon 39 (Lisboa), after which we hope to be back to normal again. That's why Lisboa is scheduled to hold the 2023 site selection, as it will be SMOFCon 39 selecting SMOFCon 40's site.

If it all sounds a bit odd, that's pretty much SOP for SMOFCon. SMOFCon 2 was canceled (a few people with non-refundable airfares came out anyway), and there was a year in which there were two SMOFCons: one on the island of Jersey the week after an Eastercon in the same hotel (I was there) and another in Lexington, Kentucky the following December (I was there, too).

I just hope that it's safe to travel again by December 2021 so that I can go to the SMOFCon in Portugal.
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