November 2nd, 2020


Log Run

Over the weekend, Lisa started to unload the Press-to-Logs from the utility trailer.

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After Lisa quit for the first day of unloading, while I was taking food to leave out for the birds, I heard the tower give way and crumple forward. Many of the logs broke into two or more pieces. Because of the way they are made, the pieces "key" together and can still be stacked, but it's a hassle.

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I have helped Lisa when she asks. This morning I took 30-40 minutes out of my morning after my team meeting (after telling the rest of the team I would be away for a little while). I don't mind doing the work. Indeed, given the Lisa brought me in a waffle this morning as I was starting work, I felt like it was important that I get some exercise toting wood. My blood sugar level thanked me for it.